The only kind of Newt I like


Photo credits: Google, lol.

I had one of the best mornings yesterday! After a long torturous wait of 4-5 month-ish, I finally caught “The Maze Runner” in cinemas!

You have no idea how much I want to bottle up the first-time-watching-TMR feelings into a bottle so that I can relive those moments all over again. If you haven’t watch it, you had better! Hands down one of the bestest movies I’ve watched this year. I knew it was gonna be awesome! The movie set was hella amazing and I had no idea how they made the Maze, but it was even better than what I had expected. Somehow, they always managed to choose such a perfect cast too. Newt is definitely my favourite character in both the book and film, with Thomas close behind. However, in the movie, they made Teresa seemed a bit useless. And Gally seemed less of an a-hole in the movie, which makes me like him!

You have no idea how long I waited for this movie lol. My entire to-do list for 2014 only had one thing: 1) Watch The Maze Runner. Which reminds me that the September that I thought was never gonna come, is finally here. Actually, it’s almost over -__- Is time passing by faster as we grow up? Now that the only thing on my todo list has been cancelled off, my 2014 is officially over. Haha!

Can’t wait for The Scorch Trials to come out next year!!!!!! Another 365 days worth of anticipation…… I think I’m already looking forward to 2015. 🙂

PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!! The only regret you’ll have is not watching it. Read the book too!


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