Life on a tiny planet with big problems

If you are following the news daily but still unable to comprehend the whole situation going on in the Middle East (which is understandable because the cause of a war is and will always be messy), give this post a read! No not my post. This:

It’s a tad long but I finally understood the situation more clearly, and by “understood” I mean “I-get-why-you-guys-might-be-continuously-starting-a-war-against-one-another-but-I-still-don’t-see-how-wars-can-ever-be-a-good-idea”.

We should never forget that religion is always an extremely sensitive issue. But sometimes I wish humanity can learn to ignore their cultural/religious/gender differences for once and focus on what we all have in common instead. One thing for sure, I don’t think I will ever figure out how the world works. I can never figure out why religion is such a beautiful thing, yet people are using it as a reason to kill one another. Or why anti-gay laws are implemented even though common sense tells us that one feeling we cannot have control over is Love.

Here’s one of my favourite quotes from an Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Well? Isn’t that meaningful?

Okay now I shall tell you this: Oscar Wilde was a homosexual. And here you go, read the quote again. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Does it sound less beautiful? No, right? I think you know what my point is. Who we choose to love, who we choose to see as our God, why does it even matter? Does it make us any less different from who we truly are? Too bad there are lots of people in the world whom are going to have “Yes” as their answer. Love and Faith. Who knew they would ever become reasons to fight?

Well, I guess I should at least mention 2 good things that happened in this month’s news. 1) There are some progress with the Ebola vaccine and I really hope it’ll work out. 2) Our ozone layer is showing very small (but still there!) signs of….*cues drum rolls*…IMPROVEMENTS! Continue to go green, everybody. Don’t stop just because you’re “this teeny weeny human being that won’t matter even if I used too much toilet paper even though I don’t have a big a-hole” The world is actually made up of all these teeny weeny human beings, in case you haven’t realise.

If you are bored or really bored, remember to read

“Things that don’t concern you today, may concern you tomorrow.” -ME 🙂 I even googled to make sure no one else said it before, mwahahaha. Well, have a good night to whoever that’s nice enough to even visit this site! 🙂

P.S Did you know that having 5 fingers on one hand is a recessive trait? Recessive aka “inferior” trait in Layman’s terms. Having 6 fingers is actually the dominant trait! So, what may seem normal to you might not even be the norm. I mean, who started deciding that liking the opposite gender is a norm, and liking the same is not? 😉


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