Where art thou, cicak?

My family came home today!

My mom phoned me from the airport saying, “HELLO!!! We are back!” and was greeted with a frantic “Momyouneedtocomehomesoonbecausetheresalizardinmyroom. OhandalsobuydinnerbackbecauseIspoiltthericecooker 😦 oh and hi!!!”

Thanks mama for helping me launch a room wide search for the lizard even though she was jet lagged. Or newt. After much thought, I think it was just a lizard. How could I ever think it was a newt ahahaha. I was once again nagged for spamming insecticide (“One bottle not cheap leh!”) and I complained that the insecticide didn’t even kill the lizard. And she gave me the look. Turns out I used a repellant and not a…”killing” kind, which was why the amphibian barely flinch.


Unfortunately, the lizard search was in vain. He’s gone!!!!! I don’t know where he is!!!!! But I feel his beady lizardy eyes watching my every move I JUST FEEL IT! I’m really scared of lizards due to my past traumatic experience of them climbing up my leg and me thinking it was just a strand of hair. But never mind, I’m a brave person.

Begone, lizard, begone.

P.S I realised that lizards are reptiles, not amphibians so….*mentally corrects all the errors in my posts*

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