A crazy “Newt” (Night) of my life

Want to hear a funny story?
Last evening, I was sitting at my table attempting to post this:


“My favourite time of the day is the few moments before the sun rises, and the few moments after the sun sets. They’re the most silent moments and if you would put on some classical music in the background and just stare outside. Just stare outside and think of nothing else but how blue and vast the sky is. And how many other people around the world are thinking the exact same thing at the exact same moment. As you watch the sky gradually darkens, be thankful that you survived another day no matter how crappy it was.

In that moment between realizing that you’re still surviving in this mad society and how the universe has no boundaries, that’s when Life is the most beautiful. Only in that little moment.

Have a good night! :)”

And just as I was about to publish the post, I heard the Lizard Sound right outside my window. (If you don’t know what’s the lizard sound then you’re leading a good life!) AND THERE, right at my window, was a lizard. Or so I thought…

Unfortunately, my insect/amphibian catcher aka my mom, is in a different continent from me. This was worse than The-Day-The-Spider-Came-In. I went to grab the pesticide but took too long, it disappeared!!! Fast forward, it came into my room and I started spraying like a psycho. (Actually, I finished the entire can of pesticide and that loser didn’t even die……). Pesticide really STINKS. I was suffocating and that amphibian didn’t even flinch. I sprayed so much my table was wet, my wall was wet and my picture of Infinite was wet. (This is quite sad… That creature dared to lay its foot upon Myung Soo’s face, I had no choice… “Sorry oppa :'(” *sprays like a maniac*)

But the amphibian lives.

That’s when I realised it wasn’t a lizard, I think it was a newt. I remember my mom telling me if I get a newt, I am dead. Because you have to whack it manually to kill it, cos the newt ain’t scared. The newt doesn’t care. According to wiki, there are no newts in Singapore. And some species of newts are highly protected, and it’s illegal to kill. Too bad I don’t care. Maybe this newt is worth a million dollars upon discovery because it’s so rare, but I really don’t care 😥

Either way I’m really dead. The whole house reeks of pesticide (once again). That creature is still alive somewhere in my room and I don’t know exactly when my mom will be home. I hope it’s tomorrow. Oh please let it be tomorrow……………………….

SO MUCH FOR HAVING A GOOD NIGHT BUT Life is still beautiful 🙂

P.S If you’re thinking “Omg it’s just a lizard..”, please. Please offer me your 24/7 insect/amphibian catching services, I’ll let you keep them as pets.

P.P.S An article to try and make me feel better about my situation: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-546432/Couple-barred-living-1million-house-year-protected-newts-flood.html


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