Loneliness on a whole new level

I thought I was bored yesterday but today was an even higher level of boredom. Home alone for the next 9 days and even though I’m enjoying the perks of living alone ie. showering with the door open and blasting music and leaving all my chores undone (as long as I do them before my mom gets home) ahahahaha.

But still, it gets lonely… 😥

I suddenly realised this might be how those elderly feel when they’re living alone. At least I could read and use the internet, but I don’t think they know how. Sadly, I also realised this must be how my father felt for the past 10 years he spent working overseas. But at least he can cook edible food while I almost gagged eating my own cooking. And I supposed this will go on till the master chef in my house gets back. So much for an A in Home Econs……….

That being said, I’m off to have a dance party with my soft toys and myself….


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