O’ Captain, My Captain

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.

I think when you’re depressed, you honestly don’t care how many people will be hurt when you’re gone, or how many million people were inspired by you. When you’re depressed, nothing else really matter because you’re too sad to even care. You can’t change the sadness you feel, but you can stop it. And maybe that’s what you decided to do, Mr Williams. When I learnt of your death, I was sad. Not because you left us on your own will, but because you must have been suffering so much last night to finally make the decision to take your own life. Depression hurts. Everyone wants to believe that dead people are in a better place, I supposed they are…if dead is what you consider a better place. Of course, being dead seems like the best idea sometimes.

Anyway Mr Williams, your legacy will continue to live on just like all the other great human beings who are gone too soon. To me, you’d always be the wonderful Mr. Keating in my all-time favorite movie. I think it’s time for the society to realise that depression isn’t something you can just snap out of, or sleep it off. Or “talk to someone” and start feeling okay. Nevertheless, rest in peace and may this peace that you seek finally be with you. 🙂

I had a great time at SOSD today! For some reason, Beancurd walked really well in the morning (very unusual) and for once, she’s like a real lady. She’s such a playful one 🙂 Every blade of grass, every leaf, every sidewalk, every bird catches her attention. She darts around, taking in everything around her. She’s in her own world. It’s very difficult to walk her sometimes, and I admit I get frustrated at times when we are lagging behind because Beancurd “cannot walk straight”.


But it’s beautiful how she walks the same paths for almost a year already, and she still finds everything so interesting each day. Another thing to learn from dogs.

I walked a second dog named Button, and he’s a real charmer. I’m a sucker for the cute “puppy eyes”, and Button made me so happy today! He gazes up at you while walking, with a look that seems to say, “Human, am I doing this right? Is this how we walk?” And then you’re like, “Yes Button! Good boy!” “Okay! *wolfish grin*”

And he HUGS! He clung to me like a koala and we stood like that for a while (with him on his hind legs). That was before he attacked me with licks and slobbery kisses because I took out dog treats. Tried to get him to stay for a picture but he kept following me.

Dogs are so adorable.

Thank you, Button. You have no idea that your innocent puppy love really cheered me up. How I had a really terrible night but waking up to walk these lovely dogs made everything so damn worth it. ❤


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