Cheer up, nose!

I’m currently facing one of the biggest kiyodu mysteries ever.

So for the past few days, I kept getting a whiff of this STRANGEST smell in my room. It smells like decomposing rats, but not quite, mixed in with a tinge of fishy-ness. It smells so bad and so strange and I don’t know what it is. And it comes in WHIFFS! You can walk into my room and it hits you like a wave, then disappears just as fast. And it comes at the weirdest timings too.

I’m really clueless to the cause. I’ve even smelt every single thing in my room (I even smelt myself pffft), but to no avail. Honestly have no idea what is it 😥 I can only hope it isn’t a decomposing animal somewhere in my room, or rotting food… Sigh. You probably think that my room is messy but you are wrong. The smell came after I packed my room SO KIDS, DO NOT CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Nothing good can come out of cleaning your room. You forget where you kept your things because you’re too tidy now, and you get a strange decomposing smell in your clean room.

I guess I’ll have to hire my private detective, Conan, to help me investigate this matter. Until then…

*sudden thought* What if it was some nose tumor inside me? Oh my god.


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