August, all over again…

August is here, whether I like it or not. Did you know that August is also known as the “Happiness Happens” month and the “What Will Be Your Legacy” month? Hmm;) It’s also named after Augustus (The Roman Emperor, not Mr. Waters) hehe.

Happy August!

Is it just me or is 2014 flying by like crazy? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because I’m not quite ready to grow up yet. Can you believe I’ll be 20 next year?! It’s so scary to be growing up so quickly because I still like to build sandcastles at the beach and balloons and talking to my soft toys and Maple Story and…and…

Can you believe that Singapore is 49 already?! Almost a senior citizen! It feels like yesterday that I was walking past HDB flats and there’s the big “Happy 35th birthday, Singapore!” hanging across.

Anyway since time is passing by so fast, I shall take this chance to wish my future self a very, very happy 96th birthday! Wow, look at those wrinkles on your face! I hope you live to 100 but if you can’t, it’s alright. Actually, if you didn’t manage to reach 96, it’s okay too. I just hope you died happy. I hope you did not die by choking on a fishball because that’s silly… 🙂 I wonder if you still talk to your soft toys? I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with a 96 year old talking to her soft toys, obviously 😉 Are any B2ST members still alive? I doubt so right? 😥 OK BYE 96 year old self. See you in the future.

And I shall end this meaningless post of mine with him:


*heart melts* Kudos to you if you know who this fine specimen is, teehee! 😉

P.S if you do, please be aware I’m crushing on the 19 year old him, not the current father-of-four him MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.P.S Aug 6 also marks the 69th anniversary of the tragic atomic bombings in Hiroshima. History can neither be erased nor forgotten, and war will always be tragic. The power hunger that cannot be satisfied…the world peace that will never happen, sadly.

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