Caleb, how can I hate you now?

Warning: This is a post full of strangeness and random fangirling moments, and more strangeness. Also, I hope my post title did not give out an accidental spoiler. But if you get the reference, I am assuming you know everything 😉

Two days ago, I finally watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’! So happy! It was such a long wait and I was getting so AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHGIVEMEAUGUSTUSNOWPLS. Despite its official release on June 6, I had to wait till June 19 for its release in Singapore. And then came the conflicting schedules and the tickets-sold-out “tragedy”, at long last the beautiful day of July 11 came. I literally could not stop thinking about the movie for the entire day hehe! A lot of people said it was overrated and some said it wasn’t good, but who cares right? 😉 The soundtrack’s brilliant, the cast is fantastic, how can it be not good?!

D'awwwwwwwwwwwww THE FEELS

D’awwwwwwwwwwwww THE FEELS

I was literally smiling like an idiot throughout the entire movie, even at the tear-jerking parts. Augustus was so sweet and his cheesy lines made me grin like a Cheshire Cat all the way haha. *Let’s have one moment of silent fangirling* Well Ansel, I supposed you did an awesome job as Augustus and I’ll even ignore the fact that your eyes aren’t blue like Gus’. Even after the movie, I was still smiling. And even when I walked home, I was still smiling… Even when I splashed into a huge puddle because I was too busy smiling, I was still smiling. Aw, the movie’s really sweet and a joy to watch, you’ll have to watch it if you haven’t! (I admit I might be biased but you should still watch it.) Sigh, Gus :’)

My favourite part of the movie was (no spoilers) the 4 words at the last part:

“Okay, Hazel Grace?”

*OH THE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS* I know it sounds rather lame but I am assuming that’s because you have yet to read nor watch 😉 Or maybe you’re thinking that was the convo you had with your teacher before?

“I go toilet ah. Okay, cher?”

Definitely having withdrawal symptoms although it’s been 2 days already! My faith in book-to-film adaptions is starting to be restored after ‘Divergent’ and ‘TFIOS’. Hopefully ‘The Maze Runner’ will not disappoint because I am really, really looking forward to that movie!

Another interesting thing that happened this week. I am quite a superstitious person so I shall place one palm on my wooden table while typing this hehe…

I had a bad dream that one of my ultimate fav kpop idols drowned and passed away. And he’s none other than Nam Woo Hyun from Infinite! Such a ridiculous dream, right? I was attending his funeral and all the Infinite members were there (omg mini fangirling moment here…oh but it’s a funeral so…). I wasn’t crying initially but suddenly it just hit me. That I will never see his cute smiling face again, hear his amazing voice or watch him dance. They kept telling me he drowned and he was never coming back. That’s when I started wailing like a big baby because I really like Woo Hyun 😥

(WHAT A STRANGE DREAM and it’s pretty sad too.)

And then the dream got even better. Myung Soo came to hug and comfort me (OK FANGIRL MOMENT. Why do I only get to hug my idols in my dreams? T_T). There was a lot of hugging here and there hahaha and I was just going “Oppa~ come backkkkk *sobs*” HAHAHAHA. Anyway I woke up in amusement but I was damn glad it was just a dream. Of course, I immediately googled to see if there were any bad news about Woo Hyun because, you never know…Thank goodness there was nothing, because what will I do without Woo Hyun? Hmm…

But the dream served as a wake up call for me. I was once again reminded of how fragile human lives are, and how quickly your loved ones can leave you before you even realise it. I’ve been attempting to (keyword: attempting) show more care and concern to the people around me, although I still forget to do it from time to time. Yet I realised that I’ve actually been taking my idols for granted. Sometimes I forget they’re humans too. It made me realise that one day the people we love are really going to leave us.

One day I am gonna wake up and see the headlines: “Infinite member passed away at the age of 106.” (Or maybe I’ll die before them d:). One day there won’t be any more concerts or new albums and comebacks and fanservices, but I never did realise that before. I guess I always thought they would be there forever, because they are who I turned to in times of sadness or anger. Yet one day they’re going to stop dancing and making the music I love because they’re growing old too.

Everyone’s growing old.

So I guess that silly dream was a reminder that I should cherish my idols more! Yes, I really forget they’re humans sometimes, capable of dying like me. No doubt I’m no longer that defensive, obsessive, crazy fangirl that I once was (I think), I no longer catch their every performance on music shows like I once did. Even after weeks of album release, I’ve yet to listen to it. (Oh shucks, sorry oppas…)

Sometimes I just forget all good times really do come to an end. Change is inevitable. And Woo Hyun, please don’t die… 😉 ❤

What a long post. *lifts my palm from my wooden table*