Night night, sleep tight. Don’t let the…

Hi there! I just had two crazy, ridiculous nights in a row. It’s the kind of night whereby you’re so bloody tired but you can’t sleep well, not because you don’t want to but……


An example of a crazy, ridiculous night I had long ago: I was extremely pooped, about to crash onto my hotel bed when I realised the entire bed was infested with GRASSHOPPERS. Not even kidding. It was the worst hotel I’ve even been to, I ended up sleeping on a chair. #ridiculousreasons

Anyway, before I talked about my ridiculous reason for no-sleep-tonight, quick info:

1) I’ll approach almost every dog I see that’s within my radius, stray or not.

2) I’m very lazy…

3) I have the most sensitive skin ever. Ever. (I can’t even let dogs lick me on my face or I might break out in hives, sadly.)

So for the past few days I’ve been visiting Jiu Zhai Gou in China, here’s a summary of the important parts:

Explored a mountain-> found snow-> made a snowpet-> called it 小白 & carried it in my hand for the rest of the journey descending the mountain-> hands frozen and numb thanks to 小白 but ignored -> 小白 eventually died-> Checked in some shitty hotel (but not as bad as the grasshopper one), but pretty shitty-> Pondered for a while whether hotel bed is clean-> too tired to care, *snores*-> played with a stray pup outside the hotel next morn-> *fast forward*-> played with another stray pup at some village->*fast forward*-> Flew back to Chengdu, lazy mode activated-> Kinda crawled into my bed without bathing…-> Showered-> Crawled into bed again-> Stayed in bed for nearly 2 days (I know I know, but I was being lazy & reading books so..)-> And that’s when it started.

In the middle of the night, I suddenly felt this crazy itch on my feet and hands. It’s the kind that makes you want to scream and furiously scrub at your skin. And yet it hurts too, like a burning sensation that swells. It was easily one of the worst itches I’ve ever encountered, but I didn’t think much of it. I managed to fell asleep amongst the pain and itchiness, thankfully.

The next morning, the feeling was still there. It was so terribly itchy I just sat there scratching for minutes. Maybe mosquitoes, I thought. I went out with my family and throughout the day, I kept scratching. It was getting extremely unbearable! Finally, I told my parents when we got back because I needed some medication. Unfortunately they didn’t have any, and were clueless to the cause too.

I started spamming lotion all over but the itch got worse. Now it was everywhere! I kept on scratching (I know I shouldn’t, but it was unbearable). Suddenly, red lumps began to form on my skin. All over my body, EVERYWHERE! My face, arms, legs, feet, hands, neck, waist. Lol I might show you a picture but that’ll be too gross. The itch and pain got so, so bad I thought I might go crazy. I’m actually still scratching while typing this 😛 Of course, it got worse.

My bro informed me it could be bed bug bites (Recall: suspicious hotel bed at shitty hotel, recall: Did not bathe and crawled into bed at Chengdu, recall: Stayed in chengdu bed for 2 days!). My dad suggested allergies. My mom was just agreeing to anything possible, really.

I kind of panicked at the thought of bed bugs because I really detest bugs! So I started googling bed bug bites, matched some of the symptoms but…. I thought of hives (recall: exposure to extreme cold aka 小白, extreme laziness & did not moisturize my skin at all throughout the trip) or flea bites (recall: stray dogs). Again, matched some symptoms but…

It is still crazy itchy as I’m typing. Hopefully no longer when you’re reading 😦 my conclusion tonight is inconclusive. I’m hoping it’s hives because they’re insect-irrelevant. That being said, I’ve been sitting on my chair for ages because I don’t dare to sleep on my bed. I do hope it ain’t fleas because I do love the stray pups! Sigh what a night!

By the time you finished reading this, you’d realize this post has no special meaning to it. I’m just ranting because I’m itching so bad! I guess the lesson learnt is Never ever lie in bed for two days straight, because that’s when all the problems started.

Rest assure that I’ll not be a lazy sloth for a long time and will definitely moisture myself more *weak smile*.

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