A Human, a Peanut and a Tick


Hi there! Today’s 10th May and I think I’m a living proof that things do get better with time. Exactly a year ago, 10th May was (one of the) worst days of my 18 years of existence. I remember thinking, “I’m never gonna pull through this…there’s no way I can get back on my feet.”

I felt the pillars supporting my world gave way, forever.

Oh but anyway hey! 10th May a year later, sometimes it still hurts but the hurt doesn’t control you anymore 🙂

Saturday mornings are spent at SOSD, walking a beloved Peanut. One of my greatest fears (just ask anyone who personally know me— anyone) is the fear of six-legged creatures. I don’t care if you’re small (ants), pretty (butterflies), useful (bees), “cute” (ladybugs), I’m scared. I don’t hate them but I’m scared.

So anyway while I was walking Peanut, I spotted a tick on her. Any brave soul would pick that tick off and kill it. But I’m not a brave soul… I told Peanut, “dude there’s a tick on you oh shucks.”
*tick continues crawling*
*Peanut watching me curiously*
“There’s a tick on you and it’s crawling omgosh those legs oh shoot……”
*tick stops crawling*
*tick is silently mocking me*
*Peanut paces back and forth*

Here’s what I wanted to do: Pretend I didn’t see the tick, because I’m petrified. Fear controls you in such an unimaginable way sometimes. There was no way I can pick that tick off with my bare hands.

But I realised something else was greater than my fear. This thought kept ringing in my head: Peanut’s gonna be in pain and it’s all because of you and your fear. I looked at Pea and she looked at me and I looked at her and said, “Screw it.” So I took an (object that shall not be named) and (insert the bravest sounding action word) the ticks. Two ticks, actually.

I sighed in relief. Peanut looked at me in shock/surprise/(Human, what are you doing????). It’s okay, Pea. Mission accomplished. Let’s just say the next time I encounter a tick, I’ll be using a pincer.

As you can see, I made homemade ice cream for my Mommy today. It was delicious! Thanks mom for being my mom. I always wished my mother would be someone who isn’t afraid of dogs. She comes up with ridiculous deals like, “If I visit dog cafe then you better visit insect cafe.” or “Make friends with the insects la! Then I make friends with dogs!” and “You can’t even take care of yourself, how to take care of your dog?”

But still, I wouldn’t trade her for any other mother in the world.

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