So I…

Finished reading The Fault In Our Stars, which is like the “it” book these days. I finally understand what all the fuss is about. I think. It was beautifully written with this ending that I had expected. (No spoilers)

Definitely looking forward to film adaption, although Augustus was pictured very differently (from Ansel, the actor who does not have the blue eyes Augustus supposedly had.) in my head. Then again, I always pictured book characters very differently in my head.Still, I’m anticipating the movie to watch how Caleb the bro become Augustus the lover (Divergent, ahahaha). 

I am feeling super hungry now. That’s what reading does to me sometimes. I picked up a book telling myself, “Just a few chapters.” and suddenly, I finished it. Unknowingly, dinnertime passed and I think I might have heard my mom calling me to eat but she knows I can’t hear anything else when I’m reading… 

You know I started this post because I had lots of things to say after reading the book. But suddenly, I am just really, really starving and when I am hungry, I can’t think. So screw it, will edit this post some other time when I satisfy my stomach’s callings. 

*vanishes into smoke* 


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