Bursting my bubble

How did your Tuesday went? Hope it was enjoyable, for the weekends are still really far away.

Mine was really good, I had a lot of good laughs today! Tuesday mornings are spent at Save Our StreetDogs (SOSD) and I always look forward to it.

Ah, rather disappointed because it’s been 2 weeks since I last got to handle Mouldy. Ah…my boy… However, my heart is still big enough and I love all the dogs I’m currently handling, so much! And the ones that I didn’t handle before too, of course eg. Dearest Ashley. Nevertheless, I dropped by Mouldy/Jasmine’s enclosure and GUESS WHAT? That boy literally hopped up on his hind legs and was so excited upon seeing me!

And guess what? I had to walk away from him eventually to get Pika. Aww man, sorry dude! 😦 Also, Jasmine kept growling at Mouldy whenever I called him, it was frightening. I swear Jasmine looked really pissed. I didn’t tell anyone because they’d probably say it doesn’t matter. Mouldy, c’mon you’re the man! Fast forward: I visited Mouldy again after their meals, and he ignored me. Sad life of kiyodu.

Pack walk lunch was funny as usual, we had a great time playing Charades, SG STYLE! Lost track of how much time we were just sitting there, laughing.

It’s really nice, sometimes. To be able to really sit and enjoy, watching the day unfold itself with laughter. I always feel good after a long laughing session 🙂 who doesn’t, right? Busy people like us need to laugh more.

Tuesdays are really the day I make an effort to step out of my comfort zone, my bubble. Bonding with dogs and humans…ah, Tuesdays.

Let’s hope tomorrow will just be as great as today! And let’s pray that Mr Mouldy gets better soon!


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