May 7 is the 127th day of the year


A view out of my window. Is it strange that I love gloomy views like this?


Have you ever got the feeling that today seems like a special day, but you just can’t remember why? May 7. It seems like a date that should be committed to my memory, yet I don’t know why. I don’t think it’s anybody (special) ‘s birthday either. One of those kiyodu mysteries that cannot be solved.

Woke up way past noon today. I was in a really bad dream, not a nightmare though. Nightmares are scary but this dream was just strange. There were ghosts in the toilet and people chasing me and all I ever wanted was a peaceful sleep. It was raining really heavily when I woke up, but the humidity is SURREAL. I am feeling suffocated while typing this…so gonna switch on the aircon later 😛

Just a simple, uneventful day today…Most of the days in my holidays are actually like that unfortunately/fortunately. I should really get started on my to-do list soon.

But after a few YouTube videos, I think.

Yeah, just a few.



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