Happy birthday to namu

To my eternal ball of sunshine:

Happy 28th! I love you lots and lots! Hehe. If parallel universes do exist, I hope you’ll be happy in every single one of them.


Newt’s nickname was “The Glue”. That’s what I strive to be too — the glue that holds all my friendships together.

Also, the sunset I witnessed yesterday with a really lovely friend. Things like that are what we live for. At times like that, I think to myself, “One day at a time doesn’t seem too hard as long as I’ve got all these people with me.” But we all know things change…

Nam Woo Hyun…you’re very precious to me. Don’t ever stop breathing before me. Okay? Let’s just enjoy this lifetime together and I promise you the next lifetime will be better. You’re too precious to me for me to let go…

Oh it was good

Today I finally watched the last part of the main trilogy of The Maze Runner. Death Cure is probably my favourite out of the 3 books, just because it’s also the saddest. Spoilers ahead! If you’ve intentions to read/watch the movie, stop reading this entry.

So here it goes:

Newt from The Maze Runner is one of my absolute fav fictional characters in books. I once wrote about him back in…2014? I think? His death seriously struck me so hard in the feels. He’s everything I admire in a person. Kind, genuine, loyal, trustworthy etc… I can go on forever listing the good qualities about him. How does a person like that deserve a death so tragic? Well, in the movie, they made his death pretty sad although the book one was more heart wrenching. Because of his “Please, Tommy…please.” The movie did not follow the book for most parts, but it was still entertaining and saaaaaad. In the end, I’m still not a fan of Teresa. Felt like she could use some of the loyalty Newt has to offer.

In the end, their story is one of blurry lines between the good and the evil. Who are the bad guys who are the good? Is Thomas bad for not wanting to help others because he has to sacrifice himself? What if the others include his close friends such as Newt? Was Teresa the only one doing the right thing after all? Was she really helping her friends? Is WICKED really good? I love it when stories are so thought-provoking. A pity no one around me seems to watch/read it! I’d like to hear what people think about the whole…ethical dilemma Thomas was facing. Oh, but don’t argue with me that Newt isn’t the best character in The Maze Runner 😉 He really is.

I just borrowed The Kill Order from the library. Actually I started reading it years ago but I didn’t have time to finish it. Seems like they produced two more prequels to this trilogy! Sadly I’m reliving the misery I felt years ago when I finished reading Death Cure. My poor Newt, you didn’t deserve it. But of course, letting the best characters die is what makes a story memorable. Thomas Brodie-Sangster did a tremendously great job portraying Newt, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. I hope they will make the two prequels into movies too, and please star the same cast in Fever Code!

Goodbye, Newt.


There’s nothing cuter in this world than an eye smile. Or someone with a great smile. This drama is called “I am Not a Robot”. I started watching not knowing what to expect, but it was really good. A good balance of hilarious moments, heart wrenching moments. It’s not super duper sad but I did shed some tears because whenever Yoo Seung Ho cries, I can’t help but tear up too. And when he smiles, I can’t help smiling too! He’s cute ☺️

It’s not the same without you

I love Infinite’s latest song!!! It’s very catchy 🙂 Missed you boys so much. Feels a tad empty without my OT7 and my Yadong ship. But hey, I’ll let you guys make your own decisions. It’s your life anyway.

Can’t wait to visit Korea to purchase my Top Seed album! It’s rather expensive here. Guess I’ll be patient. AAAAH Namu I’ve missed you so much ❤️😁 WAITED a long time for this comeback.

Happy birthday, Yoseobie❤️❤️❤️❤️ in this lifetime I’ll always be your fan. (Hopefully a friend someday).

Can’t believe you’re nearing your 30s. You’ll always be our cutie pie! Wishing you the best of everything in life.